Annie and Greg Came to Town

Annie and Greg Came to Town

Noel is pretty much the same age as all of his cousins and they’ve always been fairly close, even with him being the odd  man out. (Pun intended; they’re all girls.) It’s been fun for me to be adopted into this group since my cousins and I have a much larger age difference. Last week, Annie and her fiancé, Greg, stayed with us for a few days and we also got Jaimie and her husband, Wolfgang, who are now Denverites to join us for an evening. We showed them some of the sights, but made sure to leave some out so they’d be tempted to come back. Okay, so really we just forgot the Pro Cycling Challenge happens this time of year and would make it so Mt Evans was closed, but we’d still love for them to visit again.

PS It’s World Breastfeeding week and I am running a sale in my shop. If you or a friend are in the market for nursing covers or swaddle blankets you should check it out.

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