Vacation to an Alternate Reality

Vacation to an Alternate Reality

We’ve grown accustom to a certain percentage of things going wrong in our lives. We could blame it on the kids, but truthfully things going less than perfect is nothing new.  We’ve learned to lower our expectations, which may sound depressing, but actually has made it easier to enjoy life. When we planned a weekend getaway to Winter Park, CO we tried to bridle our excitement since we knew getting our hopes up is always a bad idea. As the day approached we kept waiting for someone to get sick or a blizzard to hit, but surprisingly no disaster happened.

We started our vacation by driving up I-70 Friday afternoon without running into any traffic and even narrowly missed the 30 minute road closure for blasting related to an ongoing road construction project.  As we cruised right along, Noel and I both expressed amazement at how uncharacteristically lucky we were. The whole weekend continued like that, us waiting for something bad to happen and things going uncharacteristically well. Yes, our children still whined and Ellen almost got a black eye, but honestly there’s no reality in which our children don’t whine now and again and Ellen doesn’t periodically injure herself.

We rented a condo through VRBO at a really good deal since it’s the “shoulder season” (cheaper than any of the hotels and way more space and amenities).  Because it was the off-season we got to enjoy things like having the pool all to ourselves. The fall colors were gorgeous and we had amazing weather for all of our hikes. We even took some decent family photos with the aid of our tripod.

At the end of our trip, we made our way back home and got stuck in traffic (on a Monday when everyone is supposed to be at work) which seemed a fitting way to be welcomed back to our reality. It’s nice to get a break every now and then and I hope you all periodically getaway to alternate realities too!

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