Thanksgiving 2014

Thanksgiving 2014

Danielle (Noel’s sister) joined us for Thanksgiving this year. The kids were so excited and it wasn’t just because she works for a chocolate factory.

We decided to treat her to a beautiful tour of the Colorado outdoors and took her on a very windy snowshoeing trip. The pictures make it look still, but Ellen seriously got picked up by the wind at one point.

Ellen thought we were torturing her.
Cooper the Trooper
Cooper the Trooper

Thanksgiving morning we went to our church’s Turkey Trot.


Noel and I took the coveted first place, i.e. first dibs on donuts.

Cooper and Ellen also set PRs.

November 2014The highlight of course was Thanksgiving dinner. I guess we aren’t very good Americans because we did not participate in any type of event involving a football, but we enjoyed one another’s company nonetheless. All too soon, Danielle boarded a plane and headed back home. Hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving at least as much as we did!

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