Snow Days

Snow Days

The weather here in January and early February was nice, but it was also a little eerie. As much as I love 70 degree days and seeing my tulips poke their heads up, it makes me feel uneasy when those things happen in the dead of “winter.” So, even though I am not particularly a fan of cold and snow, when winter finally decided to hit in earnest I was honestly a little relieved. We had so much snow the last week of February (enough to break a 100-year-old record) that things were being cancelled right and left. Work, scouts, school, dentist appointments, and even church. It was like every little kid’s dream. (Except for all the snow shoveling, that part never makes it into anyone’s fantasies.) While I’ve done my best to embrace all of the snow (and frequently reminded myself that “hey, at least we aren’t in Boston”), I’m very excited to have a bit of a reprieve with sunny days in our forecast. Here’s to hoping the two feet of snow didn’t kill all of the emerging tulips.

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  1. I so love you guys and the way you try to include us in your life. Wish we were there, but our weather is so nice. Maybe I have to think about us being there a little bit. Did those wonderful grand kids get the treats we sent? Hope so. Looking forward to the next time we are together.

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