Ski Day

Ski Day

Eight years ago Audrey and I started this adventure of our life together. A lot of things have changed since then. We’ve gained some dependents, moved to another state, and are homeowners. This year we celebrated by taking a Tuesday off from work, dropping the kids with a friend, and declaring a snow day. I snagged us some tickets from Craigslist and we cruised up to Copper Mountain for our first day on the mountain since before Cooper was born and our first time skiing in Colorado. A great time was had by all. We got the opportunity to feel both young again (freedom!) and old (pretty sore the next day).


  • Mediocre snow
  • Ski lifts (Can’t we find a less terrifying way to get to the top?)


  • No children
  • Gorgeous spring-like day
  • No children
  • Super hot ski buddy
  • The cat snowsuit (see below)
  • Did I mention, no children?

2 thoughts on “Ski Day

  1. Did you try the blind fold for the trip to the top via ski lift ( or should I say anxiety lift ). It use to be an alternative in your younger days. I am aware of your ability to cope with your fears, still it brings some sort of sick joy to my heart to see that some things are still the same. As tough as it can be you have never let your fears dictate the outcome. I applaud you as always, and wish I was there.

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