A Little Boy’s Dream

A Little Boy’s Dream

All Aboard

My parents visited for a few days last week. Both of the kids loved having grandma and grandpa around, but I think their visit was especially heavenly for Cooper because we did so many of his favorite things.

Posing for my mom.
Posing for my mom.

They “chased” clouds and ended up hiking all the way to the top of the mesa near our house.

Grandpa kindly hauled Ellen around when she reached her limit. We’re working on increasing that limit . . .

We toured Hammond’s Candy Factory and ate a bunch of reject candy.

Then on their last day we pulled out all the stops. We took the light rail into Denver. Then we took a bus to the Denver Firefighter’s Museum where Cooper got to pretend to be a firefighter.

Hiking, touring a candy factory, riding on trains and buses, and dressing up like a firefighter – all with grandma and grandpa! I’m not really sure that kind of excitement can be topped.

While they visited, my mom also snapped some photos of us, which the kids did NOT categorize as fun. However, my mom’s skill transcended the bad moods to catch some really nice images. 

The only bad thing about their visit was that a few hours before they arrived we discovered that all the rain we’d been getting had taken our basement on another trip to Funkytown and the guest bedroom was not habitable. The kids however, were not sad at all that grandma and grandpa had to sleep in the living room as it made it easier to jump on them first thing in the morning. Thanks for visiting mom and dad!

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