As Summer Draws to an End

As Summer Draws to an End

Joy is measured through that we touch daily.

golden light stripes the wall in morning

as apparition appearing

(though no false god this!)

to silently nudge slumber with a most gentle alarm of holiday dream.

was it a dream? — no matter.

to heat, to water!

to the green depths of lake that curtain summer stage.

a dive, then first breath, the slow blurring of edges,

the lack of form between things.

soon a plot unfolds.

cloud and shadow scheme,

draw plans on distant hills

while breeze, waiting in the wing,

rehearse with wave their entrance and exit,

the tricky part,

all the while whistling vaguely

in the manner of summer.

ah yes, summer.

the season meant to remind,

in the final act and measure,

that a clarity lies just out of sight

(on the lakebed perhaps)

awaiting the memory of future days.

– Ken Blackburn

Every time I ask a mom of older kids if they’re ready for school to start they emphatically answer, “Yes!!” Maybe it’s because this is the big year when Cooper’s life becomes ruled by the school system and it feels like some carefree chapter of his boyhood is being closed, but I’m not so sure I’m ready for school to start. This summer slipped through my fingers like sand and the harder I tried to hold onto it the faster it went. Even though it’s over sooner than I’d like, it was one of those wonderful memory building summers. Here are some pictures from the smaller moments of summer that didn’t get their own blog post.

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