Our New Addition

Our New Addition

It’s hard to pinpoint exactly what brought us to this point. Was it the desperate bribe I offered Ellen when she was potty training? The fact that all my friends are having babies and I was feeling left out on the nurturing front? The recent trauma of bludgeoning two mice to death in the backyard? The blogpost I’d read about how getting a dog was so beneficial in the life of a little boy with autism? Truthfully it was probably a little of all of that. After many discussions, a few weeks of scrutinizing the local shelter’s website, and a few visits to meet animals we finally decided on this guy. Meet Charlie.*

Lovin' on Charlie

The kids LOVE him. Anytime he appears they squeal, chase him around, and hurl toys at him. Not surprisingly, he hides under furniture. Sometimes I feel like doing that too when the kids are following me around, so I really can’t blame him. He’s really good natured though and never swats at that the kids or hisses, which was ultimately why he made the final cut. Well, that and I have a soft spot in my heart for black cats. We’re all warming up to each other and hoping we have many good years together.


*His shelter name was actually Cooper, but that wasn’t going to work.

2 thoughts on “Our New Addition

  1. Congrats! My kids were asking for a pet this morning. I kind of want one, too, but I’m not ready to care for one more thing right now. I’m still trying to figure out how to be a home owner.

  2. I don’t care for the way our cat stole my heart. It was devious. Every time I yelled at her, she would come and lay in my arms and purr. She watches my every move, so she can determine the best time to make me feel guilty by following me, rubbing against my legs and climbing into everything that belongs to me. It’s not fair. How can I boss her around, she owns me. For some strange reason she does not attack me, but she has attacked every other member of my family. She expects me to protect her, so I do. It’s not fair.

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