Summer Tidbits

Summer Tidbits

School started and summer is officially over. Here is a dumping of photos from our adventures that didn’t make their own blog post.

2 thoughts on “Summer Tidbits

  1. Sometimes these are the best kind of blogposts….just little snip-its of daily life. The comment “Ellen had stuffed dogs in the produce bags” made me pause and wonder if she had put stuffed animals in there, or if she had stuffed (jammed) real dogs into there…ah, linguistics. And I love the climbing wall, and the concept of younger siblings leading the way for older siblings who are nervous about things (it happens at our house, too). Looks like a fun summer! Except for the artwork on the wall by Ellen!

  2. I know it wasn’t planned but Ellen’s haircut is super cute. And I LOVE Cooper’s squirrel sign – what a great kid!

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