It’s Autism awareness month and yesterday was world Autism awareness day. Usually I’d be lighting it up blue and doing my annual post on how the past year has gone raising a kid on the spectrum (See my posts from 201420152016), but lately I just haven’t been feeling super passionate about much of anything.  Still, autism is near and dear to my heart.

I just started reading the book NueroTribes: The Legacy of Autism and the Future of Nuerodiversity. Noel discovered it from The Art of Manliness podcast and I highly recommend giving this particular episode a listen. It’s an interview with the author that is both fascinating and enlightening. Give it a listen.

And in case you wanted an update on Cooper, he’s doing awesome. We’ve phased out his private therapies and are seeing how he does with just the therapy he gets at school. Academically he’s mostly at grade level and even above in math. He’s universally adored by everyone that teaches or works with him. There are of course still things that are challenging (riding a bike, attending assemblies, catching sarcasm, etc), but his future is bright.

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