Five Star Hotel . . . or Something

Five Star Hotel . . . or Something

Back in July I was taking you guys on a tour of our lovely home and left off with a promise that the basement was up next. I’m sure many of you were continuously disappointed as you checked our blog week after week and we never made a second mention of it. Don’t worry, I didn’t forget, I just didn’t really know what to say about it. Even though the basement was 80% finished when we moved in (carpet, paint, the whole shebang), it didn’t change the fact that we only have enough furniture to fill up 50% of our house. For months all the basement housed was an old television on a rubbermaid container, random boxes, and a futon. It was a great place for doing aerobics, but wasn’t very aesthetically pleasing. We’ve gradually collected a few pieces over the months (Have I mentioned how shockingly expensive furniture is, even the crappy kind?) and with family arriving for the holidays we’ve at least made the place into something slightly cozy. It’s likely that the basement will remain much the same after our guests leave (barring us winning some sort of home makeover contest), so at the risk of losing even more readers due to further postponement of the basement tour, here is what we’ve got:

First of is the unfinished portion of the basement. It houses our extremely swanky laundry room. Maybe some day we’ll be like those people in Better Homes and Gardens who run out of rooms to remodel and have too much money laying around, so they have to put granite counter tops and fancy sinks in their laundry rooms. Maybe.

Off the laundry room in one direction we have our furnace, plumbing, and a space that will someday become a bathroom (not pictured). In the other direction we have our storage room.

In the finished portion you will first find the family room. Someday we envision it being a place where we will lounge on comfy couches and watch movies on our projector, but for now there’s the lawn chairs and the spacious 22″ television on the shelf.

The air mattress is not one of our permanent fixtures 🙂
This is the shelf that usually houses the tv, but we moved it upstairs so guests could enjoy movies and television while sitting on couches.

This room also doubles as our workout room. All guests are welcome to use our extensive home gym equipment.

Here is a close-up of the “art” montage we have on the wall. Really it’s just some pictures of us and a bunch of National Parks postcards that we framed.

As you head down the hall you’ll pass this closet

and the owl art. The owl art is really just some cute wrapping paper that covered one of my birthday gifts that I framed in clearance frames from Target.

At the end of the hall is my “Do Room,” which I’ve showed you a bit of before.

This air mattress is also not a permanent fixture 🙂

The last room is the official Guest Room. It’s actually bigger than our Master (complete with two closets) even if the picture doesn’t exactly portray that.

The Guest Room also comes equipped with its own entertainment center. Very snazzy.

Yeah, we still haven't completely phased out the rubbermaid furniture.

And that my friends, is our awesome basement. Pretty close to five star accommodations wouldn’t you say?

5 thoughts on “Five Star Hotel . . . or Something

  1. I look forward to one day having a basement and the storage that it provides, so congrats on yours 🙂 As for looking fancy, I remember when I was getting things ready for Caleb to be born, and all the baby ads had designer nurseries with fancy cribs and bedding sets and matching decor, etc. “My nursery doesn’t look like that!” I worried, wondering if I was doing something wrong. Then I laughed as I thought about my silly concern, and remembered that my house (apartment) did not look at all like the Better Homes and Garden pages, either, and that was okay. I do appreciate a little decorating, because it certainly feels cozier (I could use some interior-design skills) but right now is not my stage in life for anything more.

  2. I certainly agree. Your home is beautiful. I’m so excited for you all. You could sleep 59 people there on all that floor space. Thanks for a lovely gathering.

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