One really old tree

One really old tree

To celebrate the 4th of July this year we decided to go and explore some of this great country in which we live.  To do this we made a pilgrimage to visit one of the oldest living things around–the Jardine Juniper tree in Logan canyon.  All of the campgrounds and picnic areas in the canyon were full to overflowing and there was quite a traffic jam caused by people floating the canal.  However, 10.4 miles up the canyon at the trailhead for the Juniper there was only two cars.  On the way up we met both of the groups who were on their way down.  (We probably should have started earlier when it was cooler.) Thus we began our solitary 11.4 mile sojourn in the wilderness.

Eventually we came to a fork in the trail and didn’t know which way to go.

Which Way?

Even though it was hot and against our better judgment, we took the scenic route, and it was, well, scenic.

The Scenic Route

Eventually we got to the tree–the Jardine Juniper–Juniperus Scopulorum.  Apparently it has been around for 3200 years.  I don’t know how they know that but they do (exact age is debated by some, but it’s an old tree nevertheless).  Maybe they asked.  I wonder if that tree could talk, what would it say? “Hey! What are you looking at!?” or “You came all the way up here for this view?  I’m really quite sick of it.”  Really it’s more like a small shrub positioned precariously on top of this giant, gnarled, sun-bleached trunk that’s wedged into a boulder on the canyon rim.

Jardine Juniper

Then we did as many other pilgrims to this place have done.  Sat down, ate some string cheese and granola bars, and then proceeded to leave our historical mark in the register (ie signed our names in the water stained notebook hidden in an aging wooden box).

At the tree

It was a good time.  We took the shady route back.

2 thoughts on “One really old tree

  1. Looks like a lovely adventure. I don’t know if that topped our 4th celebration in Blanding. One of many things was a boxing match event where the locals beat the crap out of each other! At least we all have the free agency to choose in this country.

  2. i advise going the shady way both ways but if i had to chose the shady way I would go there first then repent later. that´s just me…

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