Fall Break – Zion Narrows

Fall Break – Zion Narrows

What a weekend. Instead of catching up on homework like I should have, Audrey and I and our neighbors Nathaniel and Lina went backpacking in the Narrows at Zion National Park instead. It was amazing. The changing of the colors was just gorgeous.

There were waterfalls and giant canyon walls. The leaves falling off the trees on the rim were raining down into the canyon. It was surreal.

The water was a little cold so we did the whole thing in wetsuits. Here’s Audrey and I on a rock.

And Nathaniel and Lina too.

Our campsite in the canyon.

Nathaniel wandering into the canyon

And Audrey helping me not to fall as we come down the river.

It was so much fun. Now it’s really hard to go back to school and work.

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