Chacos are NOT inappropriate footwear

Chacos are NOT inappropriate footwear

Noel and I have gone on several hikes this summer where hikers in serious looking, ankle high boots wielding telescoping trekking poles have given us skeptical and somewhat infuriated looks as we pass them up on the trail in our open-toed, care-free Chacos. Most recently we were in the Tetons and after completing a 9.3 mile hike a group of hikers asked us, “How did you manage to get to the top in inappropriate footwear?” (It must be noted that they did not actually make it to the top themselves). Inappropriate footwear? Granted there were a few snow patches, but Chacos have much better traction than the inquirer’s white Reebok sneakers and lack the blisters that accompany any pair of hiking boots I’ve owned. I guess I’m just getting kind of tired of people thinking I am a sissy, froofy-girl who has never set foot on a mountain – I was even about to challenge this one guy to a race up the mountain last weekend, but luckily Noel stopped me.

Admittedly, I too used to think it was silly to hike in sandals, but after having my very own pair of Chacos for a year I too am converted. My broken in running shoes are experiencing tough competition. For those who are still skeptical, Noel and I compiled a gallery of “appropriate” Chaco usage . . . also Noel just pointed out to me that Chaco now makes hiking shoes too (for occasions where there is more than the occasional snow patch).

5 thoughts on “Chacos are NOT inappropriate footwear

  1. haha! loved the pics to show chacos are great in any situation, you guys are funny! I might have to look into some for Mike and I! šŸ™‚ I’ve never had them before…where is a good place to get them?

  2. You can pick some up at pretty much any outdoorsy store. I personally got mine off the REI outlet (because I’m cheap :)).

  3. Umm, Chacos are the BEST shoes ever! They are a fantastic company with great customer service as well. I don’t even own hiking boots and have climbed mountains in both Alaska and Fiji in the same pair. (granted there was no snow, I do recognize the need for warmer footwear in the winter). My shoes have been down the Colorado river nearly 100 times as well as bouldering, fending off wild dogs, trekking accross lava fields, and shopping in NYC. They are one of the most versitile shoes I own. And the best part, they are made to last. In our world of disposible everything Chaco wants its customers to use their sandals at least 5-6 years and has designed them accordingly. And what happens if your shoes start to look a little grim before then? They fix them for you!

    Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant shoes.

    Audrey, whenever people dare to criticize your sandal cladden feet you should only feel sorry for them and their footwear ignorance!!!

  4. In 1976 I thru-hiked the Pacific Crest Trail, and 4 years later thru-hiked the Appalachian Trail. Last Spring I hiked the entire Virginia section of the AT (550 miles) in my Chaco z2s and a kilt.

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