Bryce Canyon Half Marathon and Exotic Deer

Bryce Canyon Half Marathon and Exotic Deer

So, last weekend we went to Bryce Canyon to run their half marathon. It was a great time. We met up with our neighbors Ryan and Brianna, and his sister Julie who was running it too. Ryan got this idea to run it in a suit in honor or his brother who had just left on a mission. Apparently the whole run he had people making smart remarks to him: “Priesthood meeting isn’t until tomorrow.” “Where’s your companion elder?” etc.

It was a very scenic race, very early, very downhill, and we got good times. We finished together in 1:38:34. Audrey even placed third in her age division again. Afterwords since we were not tired enough yet we piled into the car and saw the sites in Bryce Canyon and even did the Queen’s Garden trail.

On our way home I saw this ridiculous “wildlife museum” where they had “exotic deer” in a cage you could feed. I mean, I guess it would not be there if they did not make money at it. I thought it was pretty funny so we pulled over to take a picture and the proprietor of said establishment yelled out to us that we were not allowed to park there. I notified him that I was only going to be there for a few more seconds, long enough to take a picture and be on my way. Then he shouted that pictures were not allowed despite the fact that it is in clear view of the roadside. Nevertheless, at the peril of our lives, we bring you pictures of the exotic deer. You are all welcome.

One thought on “Bryce Canyon Half Marathon and Exotic Deer

  1. Yet another thing that makes me jealous…grrr šŸ˜‰

    Good time for a half marathon, you two seem to be quite well trained! Respect!

    I was always thinking such a marathon thing…till now, I couldn’t convince myself of training for it. I’m just playing soccer, which is also a sport where you can run enough šŸ™‚

    Have a great time…


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