You Look Nice Today

You Look Nice Today

Going to school can be a drag. Classes are often boring and pointless. Tests are grueling and frequent. It has been more frigid lately on campus early in the morning with the relentless canyon wind chapping and freezing the entire way to class. Then there is the hill. It must have a grade of at least 45 degrees. For some reason I can be in shape to run a marathon and still be winded by going up that hill. Maybe it’s just knowing what awaits me at the top.

But wait, there is a shining beacon of hope and optimism once I reach the crest.

You look nice today.

He stands sentinel at the stoplight of 8th East and 7th North, rain or shine, letting me, and anyone else who passes by, know that even though I may have woke up just a few minutes earlier and rushed out the door, I still look good. Who knows how many people’s days he has brightened? For that, I salute you, stoplight box guy.

One thought on “You Look Nice Today

  1. I LOVE THIS LITTLE GUY. I regrettably don’t have the pleasure of passing him every day but when I do, oh yeah, he brings a little light on my day lol.

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