New Bathroom Decorations

New Bathroom Decorations

So today I went into the men’s bathroom on the fourth floor of the Engineering Building here at Utah State. Apparently since I’ve been there last, there’s been some redecorating. Take, for example, this lovely little number on the coat rack:

Actually, that was the only redecorating, but I still thought it was funny. And I was inspired to blog it due to a recent post by Danielle. So, really this goes to show that male engineers aren’t really all about utility over asthetics. It does, however, illustrate why you should nevertheless never let an engineer decorate your home.

One thought on “New Bathroom Decorations

  1. The best part is, this “decoration” probably is not an actual decoration, but was taken as a prank from some admin’s desk and hidden in the men’s restroom where she would never find it. She probably still curses the cleaning lady to this day for stealing it…

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