Top of Utah Marathon 2008

Top of Utah Marathon 2008

Check it out: a moose trophy.
The thrill of victory
I really shouldn't have drank all that chocolate milk right away.
The agony of defeat.

So, we ran the Top of Utah Marathon…again. This time Audrey’s parents ran it as well. My family came and cheered us all on. It was a great time. However, in case you all were wondering, it’s still a long way the second time around. I was able to keep up with Audrey for about 21 miles or so, but then she kicked in gear right about when the guy with the trumpet started playing the Rocky theme song. She ended up improving her time from last year as well as qualifying for the Boston marathon again and winning 3rd place in the 20-24 yr women’s division. I found my way to the finish line about ten minutes later. Cindy and Wayne also ran strong races and did very well. A great time was had by all. Pictures are below.

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