Most Married People Have Blogs so they can . . .

Most Married People Have Blogs so they can . . .

either tell everyone about how blissful their lives’ are, or so they can post pictures of their adorable kids. Well, we haven’t quite achieved either of the two vital criteria for the married blogosphere, but currently we are cat-sitting (which is naturally the next best thing when seeking domestic perfection). Besides, we all know Glenna is dying to see her baby 🙂

5 thoughts on “Most Married People Have Blogs so they can . . .

  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you for taking care of her. I already lost a poodle that was so gratefully recovered this past week…

    I know Kitty is much better there than here for right now.

    I love and miss you all.

    Take care of each other.

  2. The shoe thing is weird. She seems to especially like shoes after they have just been worn for a long time too. mmm mmm good!

  3. You know there is actually a Reason 2.b for married people to have blogs that is associated with kids. The other day I was filling out a life insurance policy and it asked the normal boring questions about if I flew planes, or did scuba diving, or was a mountain climber, but there was a new question on there that asked something about the presence of grandparents or others who thought that not being continually updated about the latest developments regarding their posterity merited serious bodily harm. The followup questions to that were how often do you update your blog, and what percentage of those posts contained pictures of the said posterity. The insurance companies must be trying to cover themselves from payouts given the current economy… Hope you guys are doing well!

  4. OK, for a reaction to the insurance bit from Brady. Being an insurance agent for a few months now, I can clarify why that question is on the questionnaire. Majority of claims are actually coming from deaths by mail bombs and anthrax from parents rather from bodily harm. The insurance companies could deal with bodily harm claims but when death is involved that can just break the bank. So, next time you fill out the questionnaire and wish to not tell about your blogging addiction (which is closely related to alcohol addiction) remember it is insurance fraud to knowingly withhold information that could impact premiums. (j/k)…. 😉

    I’m glad I was able to check your site! Take it easy!

  5. Sometimes Bliss is in a Kiss, sometimes it is only in a stick of lip gloss. When you find it in the Kitty it is so purrrrrrrrfect. I think, the times being what they are, that your condition is wonderful. Although marriage has it’s ups and downs, the ride is well worth it, and the alternative is so depressing. As we find each other, we discover the good as well as the bad. When the bad doesn’t matter, it is time to feast upon the good, and how good it is. We are so happy that Kitty has a place to go where she can be so cared for. Just remember not to try to dig her while the vacuum is running, she does a little digging of her own under those circumstances. Love to the lovely.

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