ragnar (n). In mythology and legend, a man[or woman], often of divine ancestry, who is endowed with great courage and strength, celebrated for his [or her] bold exploits and favored by the gods.


I just got invited to join a Wasatch Back team, which makes me both nervous and giddy. Nervous because I haven’t been specifically training for the event and it’s next weekend. Giddy, because what could be more fun than a 24 hr+ relay? I get to run three legs and one of them is the “Ragnar” leg, which is supposedly the hardest leg of the run: four miles with a 1678 ft gain in elevation. Hopefully I will be endowed with great strength and favored by the gods.

5 thoughts on “Ragnar

  1. Wow. That sounds crazy. I’ll be very proud to be friends with a ragnar. That’s something new. Also, I must say, as the running itself does not entice me, getting to see the back side all the way from Logan to Park City sounds pretty cool.

  2. Wow, that’s awesome! Good luck I am sure you will do awesome! So when I read your title, Ragnar, I was reminded of a guy in one of my Logan wards namd Ragnar! He was from Germany!

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