We Know, But We’re Not Telling

We Know, But We’re Not Telling

I don’t think I’m that smug, and even if I were, I’m not any good at keeping secrets. I had the ultrasound today and everything indicates that we’re going to have a healthy and active human baby boy.

4 thoughts on “We Know, But We’re Not Telling

  1. I am glad it is a boy, but a girl would have been just as good. Audrey, Noel you have done good. Keep praying, and do all you can, we are with you and counting on you. Let us all hope the Lord will watch over this young spirit just as it has watched over the two of you.

    P.S.[ I AM GOING TO BE A GRANDPA!!!!!! 🙂 ]

  2. So Eldon Guy Cooper/Tick is going to be a GREAT-GRANDFATHER, too exciting, boy names????? How about Eldon John (one of my favorites if we would have had a boy), Noel Howard, for Glenna. Noel Rochester Cooper Merket, lots of good ones on our side. But I do recall that Audrey had some family favorites herself

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