Photo Shoot

Photo Shoot

It was nice to see our little guy, but I felt kind of sorry for him. The Ultrasound tech really wanted a specific picture of his head so she kept trying to stir him up and got kind of mad when he kept covering his head with his arms. What did she expect? I would probably do the same if someone shook my world and prodded me with an instrument the size of my body. I almost said something to that effect, but bit my tongue. I think I’m going to be one of those moms. All in all, I think he’s cute already.

Profile Pic
Little Face

This one’s my favorite.

Little feet I'm sure to be chasing around

4 thoughts on “Photo Shoot

  1. Very cool. He is getting cuter too! I’ve already thought of so many different names for him, you are so lucky I’m your sister in law. 🙂 They are all normal boy names with weird spellings, you know, so he is unique.

  2. Congrats you guys. We are having a little man too. and don’t worry, contrary to popular belief there are cute boy things out there too(though sometimes harder to find).

  3. This makes feel like dancin’, I want to dance the night away. They say that talking to him now, and letting him listen to music prepares him for the human race. Get ready, Get set, grow. What a wonderful day.

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