Wants Vs. Needs

Wants Vs. Needs

Looking at baby stuff sometimes makes me hyperventilate. The reason is two part: 1. I have zero experience with baby gear and 2. You sure can spend a lot of money.

For the most part, I just look at stuff online and make lists, but don’t purchase anything. Then I found this on the REI outlet:

The super stroller. It can be a jogging stroller, regular stroller, bike trailer, hiking stroller, cross-country skiing stroller, etc. It was a really good deal, but would still end up costing $450. All day long the stroller sat in my shopping cart while I argued with myself.

“You already have a jogging stroller.”

“Yeah, but it’s old . . . and I don’t have a bike trailer.”

“How often do you ride your bike?”

“I would ride it more if I had a bike trailer.”


“It’s so durable and useful.”

Luckily, the past two months Visiting Teaching lessons have been on self-reliance and budgeting. After thinking back on a discussion with Visiting Teachees I realized that I was probably rationalizing my want into a need. I didn’t get the super stroller . . . but maybe someday.

8 thoughts on “Wants Vs. Needs

  1. Oh the joys of perusing, choosing and deciding if/when/what/how to buy baby stuff! My advice: read reviews and don’t be impulsive. Good luck!

  2. That super stroller is pretty cool…yeah it’s hard to decide what to get!!! And I liked your “argument” 🙂

  3. I have that stroller and I love it! I just bought the double one though and you can use it a lot longer that justifies the price a little more.

  4. At some point, there will be a need. You know that point. You tell yourself that those who applaud your decision to be conservative don’t understand. This is when you are looking at this special new entity and all you see is the enormous responsibility, when you look at your sole mate and you realize, ‘he put me in this state’, and finally you glance at yourself and say ‘what happened to me?’. Yes, all reason seems to make a paralyzing shift. You have got to have it. Just remember that as much rationalizing as you can muster, there will always be the stroller to remind you that you are not that different than all the other mothers in the world. You gotta have what you gotta have. And then there is the guilt. And you tell yourself, ‘Its for the baby’. This is the point that starts you down the path of hovering and smothering. Have you ever heard the phrase, ‘that child was fathered to death’? Welcome to it, Its a brave new world. Motherhood.


    Happy Anniversary toooo yooou!!! We love you, Grandpa, Brenda & John

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