According to My Calculations

According to My Calculations

Pregnancy isn’t divided into nice even trimesters. Supposedly the whole thing lasts 40 weeks with the 1st and 3rd trimesters taking up 13 weeks each and the 2nd trimester taking up 14 weeks. I don’t know if they make the 2nd trimester longer because it’s rumored to be more “enjoyable,” but it kind of bothers me. If you divide the trimesters evenly each one lasts 13.33333 weeks and I hit that mark sometime yesterday. Really it’s all guess-work anyway (see Noel’s post below). Besides, I look like I’m in my 3rd trimester (we won’t discuss the 20% increase in body weight ). My belly’s huge, I know. I even exercise and keep a food journal. It makes me slightly afraid of what I could look like in three more months and what size our child will be. I’m trying to talk him into coming early anyway (yes I talk to my belly), and my motives are actually partially unselfish since I want my in-laws to be able to attend his blessing. I guess we’ll see if he’s obedient or not.

Let the 3rd and final trimester begin!

Since little Cooper’s arrival is drawing nearer and I don’t have any homework (yeah!), I’ve taken on a couple of projects (I’m trying to connect with my “motherly” side) shown below:

One of my projects: a baby carrying wrap.
Alligator PJs for Dad and Son 🙂

8 thoughts on “According to My Calculations

  1. 20% increase, huh? Wow. That certainly speaks more to your size than the baby’s, I assume. Still impressive. Also, have you still not taken your Christmas tree down yet? Those may be nice spring flowers, but you’re not fooling me.

  2. Glad you decided on a name. I hope your little guy can beat box like the Cooper I knew in college! You are oh-so crafty with the sewing.

  3. Is this a different take on the ‘reap what we sow’ phrase? As far as the weight goes, just remember the bigger the baby, the more fun it is at birth. Pushing these comments aside, ha ha, There is a time and a season for all things, put the Christmas tree away, you got your present. I only hope we are their for the unwrapping. We are so excited and anxious for the next few months to get over with. Love ya.

  4. Audrey, i don’t know you all that well, but I like you even more now. I love your spring lights. I have two trees (5 if you count the 3 in my bedroom) that I leave up year round and decorate for the different holidays. And I am in love with the baby wrap, where did you get the pattern for that? You look great and just have a perfect little baby bump. I’m jealous–I seem to grow everywhere but there.

  5. We are now Blob stalking you guys, so be careful what you post because we will always be watching. Willeitners

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