32 Weeks

32 Weeks

So, I’m at 32 weeks and I figure that means I have anywhere between 40-70 days to go. We’ll see what happens. I’ve been really blessed (seriously) with a fairly uneventful pregnancy and am still doing quite well, but I’m beginning to see more and more of pregnancy’s effects.

Although I’m still working out, it’s hard.  I had to give up running awhile ago and can’t walk more than 2 miles without feeling like my feet are on fire. Mostly I do fantastic 80’s aerobics videos that I used to think were really easy. In a way it feels like doing penance for all the times I secretly misjudged larger people as being wusses.  I didn’t realize how much my quads (which I consider to be one of my hugest muscle assets) could burn when carrying around an extra 25-30 pounds (please forget those numbers).

Yes, this is my high kick.

I’ve always been kind of weird about organization, so I’m not sure if I’m just being me or if I’m showing signs of nesting (I’m not  the cleanest person in the world, but it’s not unusual for me to be start putting away groceries and finish 2 hours later when I’ve washed the inside of the fridge and rearranged everything on the pantry shelves). I really want to start putting together some sort of living quarters for Cooper, but am holding off a little while due to some job related possibilities. To cope, I rearranged a corner of our kitchen.

At least it can feel like spring somewhere.

My belly is getting bigger and bigger. You would think I would get used to the size, but I still try to fit through spaces that I’m too big for. I’m even starting to outgrow a couple of my maternity things (yikes!). While I prefer wearing Noel’s t-shirts and stretchy yoga pants, this isn’t acceptable for all occasions. I found a shirt that I liked since it could fit not matter how big or small I get, but even though I would get free shipping for purchasing it, $115 didn’t seem like a good deal (call me crazy).  However, thanks to some help from the internet and a few of my own alterations (this might be surprising, but I used to get blue ribbons on the all the things I sewed for 4-H) I produced this:

Pros: Fits my Girth

Cons: Wrapping 6 yards of fabric around my body is a workout in and of itself.

So that I won’t bore you, let me just say how grateful I am for Extra Strength Tums, CamelBak Better bottles, that I live in a country where I don’t have to pay to use the restroom, Bella Bands, and spandex in general.

7 thoughts on “32 Weeks

  1. I love your posts! Good for you for keeping up with working out (love the pic). I am seriously amazed with your sewing skills. I don’t think I knew that you sewed until lately, but I am impressed. Nathaniel teased me quite a bit for my nesting instincts, but I didn’t mind. I am glad thing have been rather uneventful, and good luck with the job hunt.

  2. Good job on the fancy prego shirt. And the 80’s videos. You know how some moms-to-be make their belly listen to classical music to make their fetus smarter? I’d like to think mini-Coop will be a lot cooler for having danced to the 80’s in the womb.

  3. I wouldn’t worry about the clothes, the nesting, the weird food lusts, the throw backs to the movie “Alien”, the inability to ever find a comfortable sitting position, and even getting caught in a turn style. It is the beautiful, peaceful, serene sleep you soon will be missing, that’s what I would be worrying about. Leave it to an old guy to focus on a good ole nap. The neatest thing is you get to have your kids raise you. It’s a ‘Bill Cosby thing’, it will make more sense latter. Yes, you have gotten a lot of stuff on your plate, but we love you for it.

  4. I love this post, even though I am not as far along as you are I feel some of your pain with the clothes. I am starting to not know what to wear in the mornings because I have such small choices or that I cannot wear my gym clothes everywhere haha. Luckily you are almost there and then soon enough you will have a handsome baby boy! Good Luck, hopefully I will see you soon!

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