In my kitchen I have a box of these:


and a pile of these:


What disturbs me is how often I have chosen in my mindless moments of grazing, to eat the former instead of the latter. I’m ashamed to admit, I’ve eaten nearly an entire box of the peeps myself. Then I ran into this article the other day, and now it all makes sense.

3 thoughts on “Grazing

  1. There is an advantage to the fatty foods addiction, its really hard to hide a cheese cake under a jacket. It is also very difficult to intravenously inject a hostess twinky into one’s vein, but not so hard to sniff it up one’s nose. Oh my gosh, I need help. As our friends south of the border always say, ” tomorrow “. I wish someone could help me out today, but I am always reminded of my Grandpa Glenn’s response, ” There’s the door, that will help you out. “. I still have to go through it all by myself, I just need a little kick in the fanny. Better take some goodies with me, wait that’s the problem. Will it ever end.

  2. Can you believe I didn’t buy or eat one Peep, or Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup, or even one Robin Egg?!

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