What Are You Staring At?

What Are You Staring At?

I’m not sure if other pregnant women can relate to this, but I feel like the only thing people notice about me anymore is my belly.  On several occasions I’ve had complete strangers approach me at the grocery store and say things like “I just love your baby bump.” Once a lady simply shouted in passing, “Nice belly!” Other times people just stare. The stares are always accompanied by tender looks of sympathy, quiet smiles, quick glances edged with fear, or the one that I hate the most: the unblinking stare of disapproval.  It makes me feel slightly uncomfortable.

Captured at a recent award ceremony . . .  check out the look from the 1st guy (the one that isn’t Craig Jessop). Afterward someone told me “Congratulations, you made quite a statement up there.” I’m not sure what that was supposed to  mean.

Working in schools makes it especially interesting. When I walk into a classroom students always whisper to one another before a brave one blurts out, “Are you pregnant?” Almost always followed by giggles and someone hissing, “It’s rude to ask about that.” Obviously, they aren’t learning much in health class. For some reason it makes me feel unnecessarily defensive. I have to hold back and not launch into some sort of explanation about how I’m 24, happily married for 3-years, and a college graduate. Once a student (albeit at the alternative school) was talking to a love-struck couple when she jerked her head my direction and said, “You two better be careful, or you’ll end up like that.” Good advice, but I’m no modern Scarlet Letter. Still, maybe I can have a positive effect on local teen pregnancy rates.

7 thoughts on “What Are You Staring At?

  1. I love that man’s face. What was the award for? You are just getting them right and left! I may be a culprit to occasionally using pregnant women to scare the little girl I mentor into staying away from boys. Hey, it works.

  2. HAHA! I literally laughed out loud several times while reading this. Maybe a part of it is the fact that people like you and me look a lot younger than we are? oh well..apparently only 32 days(ish)!!! wow.

  3. I TOTALLY agree! haha except I am just getting past the stage of where everyone is looking at you thinking…either she has gained a lot of weight or she is pregnant 😉 It is quite funny though the looks you get or having people looking at your left hand to make sure that you are married, that one is my favorite.

  4. @Dmac

    Audrey won the A-pin award, which means that she got straight A’s for two consecutive semesters while taking at least 15 credits.

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