In the Email

In the Email

I get daily email recipes from a certain popular website. I found this suggested recipe particularly entertaining. Maybe I only know really anal and healthy vegetarians, but Captain Crunch? And the sausage?

Your Vegetarian Option:


PHOTO BY: jderon86

“Crushed breakfast cereal coats thick slices of egg bread in this thick, sweet breakfast treat.”

2 thoughts on “In the Email

  1. You probably get sick of my comments but I just had to say that while I agree it’s funny to label this a vegetarian recipe, I save ALL our cereal crumbs and use it for french toast. It’s really yummy to spread cream cheese and jam between two slices and have crunchy stuffed french toast. I’ll have to try the Captain Crunch now, too bad I didn’t take advantage of the 5 boxes of CC for $2 last week!

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