In Training

In Training

For the past several months, Noel and I have both been training for upcoming big events and acting as each other’s coach.  Allow me to fill you in.


Event: Ogden Marathon

Date: May 15th

Goal: PR (Maybe beat my time . . . )

Notes: This is the first time Noel will run a marathon without me (Honestly, I really am sad about this). Originally, I considered signing up for the 5K, but am glad I didn’t since I will be 37 1/2 weeks pregnant by that time. Instead of running, I’ve been the support crew. I supply drink stops, time track workouts, and provide needed encouragement. Noel is extremely dedicated and will perform amazingly I’m sure.


Event: Childbirth

Date: TBD

Goal: Natural Unmedicated (According to my doctor it’s still “natural” if you have an epidural because the baby comes out the right place and you still have all the same fluids . . . I’m not sure I buy it)

Notes: This is also a first time for me on my event. Noel plans on being my support crew, bringing me water and contraband food while I’m laboring. He will also supply much needed encouragement as well. I surely wouldn’t mind beating my marathon PR as well (3:38:46 – thanks for asking), but we shall see.

Both of our events are coming up in the next month (hopefully not the same day), we’ll keep you posted on how it all goes.

4 thoughts on “In Training

  1. What? The same day! Just don’t tell Cooper his dad is running or he will be coming out for sure. If there was a time you could be sure Noel will be as tired as you will be Audrey, it will be when you deliver that incredible grandson of ours. And as fate usually has it, that’s when it happens. Don’t worry about going that extra mile, I’m sure the both of you will make it. By the way, that is the same day Noel’s Grandpa Tick has 88th birthday, and it is the commemoration of the Aaronic Priesthood being restored in this dispensation. So if that is the day, it could be a really good day. We love you.

  2. oh HEEECK no, I’m epidural all the way! Even though I’m extremely scared of needles, I think I’ll sacrifice just fine for that occasion.

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