3 thoughts on “What I wished I knew in Junior High

  1. Noel, this is your Dad, I was there. I remember. Sure, you might have embodied the super nerd persona, but some of the things that you did eventually set you apart. It was basically how you handled your set backs. You took a stand. You were unassuming, and challenged the system in a strong quiet way. There were those who tried to put you down, and they may have caused some self reflection on your part, but you always took the higher road. And in the end, they knew they would never be you. This was their personal defeat, as you never really were a vengeful person. You always moved on. Your focus, your awareness, your abilities, were your allies. You never progressed due to the failure of others, you lifted them up. In your High School years, they were standing in line to help you. They all wanted to be part of your success. Although these years may have some negative effects throughout your life, they are the building blocks that built ‘House Noel’. Treasure them, from them the wisdom of being a good husband, and a good father may spring. Its a ‘Wonderful Life’. Enjoy the ride.

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