36 Weeks – Oh, baby.

36 Weeks – Oh, baby.

No, I don't have a basketball under my shirt.

Today is the 36 week mark. People are becoming increasingly cautious around me, as if I could go into labor any second. The crazy thing is, they could be right. We’re on the home stretch and trying to do everything we can to prepare.

We officially set up Cooper's Space
Noel's been practicing diapering the bunny.

One of my wonderful sis-in-laws, Danielle, also threw a marvelous shower over the weekend. It was nice to mingle with good friends and relatives. Cooper made a haul – he’s spoiled already!

4 thoughts on “36 Weeks – Oh, baby.

  1. He ain’t coming out. He just got comfortable. Talk him into becoming a surfer. So when the water breaks, he can ride the wave. He’ll be hangin’ five, but you can’t push until there is at least 9 or 10cm. Let’s get that boy on the beach.

  2. We wish you all the best! It was nice to see you. Sorry I had to run. Thanks for bringing down our mail. Maybe we’ll make it up to Logan in the next couple months…

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