6 thoughts on “Endings and Beginnings

  1. What a great picture, congrats Noel and Audrey, what a present. You have such close but great timing. We love you all, especially Cooper, Grandpa Tick, John & Brenda

  2. CRAZY busy but amazing week for you all! I’m glad all is going well and good luck to Noel with everything else he has to finish! We’ve been enjoying the texts of cute little Cooper. Love you all

  3. What awesome pictures! Congratulations Noel! I’m really proud you’re my cousin (and you can jump that high)! So glad Audrey and Cooper got to escape! What a great day! Love you guys!

  4. The sunset of formal education is glazed with the start of a new generation of Merket’s. Welcome to a new world. And the age old comment from in-laws, ” How can such a son-in-law sire such a wonderful grand child? Just one more chip off of the ole block.

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