Baby Blessing

Baby Blessing

We blessed Cooper almost two weeks ago, but I kept forgetting to get pictures from my mom until now. He was the perfect baby, he didn’t even grunt (our child is generally quite vocal). Thankfully Noel’s parents were able to attend as well as most of our families and some good friends. It was nice to have everyone there for such a special occasion. Still, one of my favorite parts of the whole event was some of the petrified looks from newly weds in the ward.

His little outfit is from Finland (My grandma is from Finland and all of the men in my dad's family served missions there). He's quite the character if you can't tell.

6 thoughts on “Baby Blessing

  1. Yes, what were the petrified looks for? Kinda funny to be happy that “he didn’t grunt” huh? We felt the same way. Noel did a great job by the way.

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