I’ve never really lived in a big city (Kaysville, UT; Green River, UT; Brigham City, UT, Logan, UT – not big cities). I had a brief stint in Salt Lake City, UT where I was born, but was too young to remember it. I also have a very poor sense of direction. These factors make me a little uncomfortable with my proximity to Denver. Half the time I can’t even figure out which way Denver is and Cooper is of no help. I was reluctant when Noel wanted to purchase a GPS, but today it saved me from calling him at work from the Hobby Lobby parking lot, blubbering about how I didn’t know how to get home. How I need that soothing robotic voice coming from my  dashboard. Garmin nüvi I love you!

3 thoughts on “Recalculating

  1. We call ours Gemma and she has a British accent! It was quite entertaining listening to Kenyon on our way up to Alaska, yelling at Gemma to stop being an idiot and what not. They are however, indeed life savers!

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