Home Improvement

Home Improvement

When I was a child I spent a lot of time at Ernst with my parents while they shopped for the constant remodel they were doing on our house. At first I didn’t mind since they had free bags of popcorn for kids and I enjoyed playing in the display kitchens. However, over the years of repeated hostage situations, I developed a deep loathing for home improvement stores.

Lately, Noel and I have spent more and more time wandering through Lowes and Home Depot to make a few purchases, but mostly to covet. Our apartment in Logan was only 360 square feet and partially furnished, so when we moved into our new place we found things to be a little bare, plus we were missing a few essentials. While we shop around for furniture (Which is expensive I’m discovering; I never would have won a furniture showcase on the Price is Right), we’ve made a few temporary adjustments. If I had a show on HGTV (we had cable in our temporary housing and were terribly addicted) it would perhaps be called “Making Do with What You’ve Got” or “All About Appearances.”  I’m still working on it while I wait for an agent to call. Check out my mad design skills.

We have a ton of books and only one small bookcase. While we shop for a bookcase, our books are acting as tables.

Covered with a dust ruffle from the twin bed I slept in until I was 16.
Covered with a table runner from my wedding reception.

Since the books are acting as tables, we decided to use the bookcase as a changing table.

I feel pretty good about the creativity that went into this minor home makeover, but I’m finding that nothing can really substitute for a dresser.

When we get a few more things I’ll take you on the grand tour. Oh, and Cooper says, “Hi!”

6 thoughts on “Home Improvement

  1. Good job. I’ve always wanted to do a magazine for college students called “Tiny apartments and window boxes” maybe we can get together and do your show and my magazine.

  2. Reminds me of our place fully furnished by yard sales. And I LOVE that little Cooper guy! Thanks for the peek.

  3. Ernst…. sweet sweet Ernst…. sigh. And the pricey furniture – maybe you should try to get on the price is right since you would be a worthy contestant. If you make it on the show please let me know. Way to go with the creativity.

  4. nice work! We’ll be in the same boat soon (minus the baby), so I’ll have to remember those ideas 🙂

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