Mindless Activities

Mindless Activities

For some reason I find it sort of relaxing to do repetitive activities that don’t take a ton of thought (i.e. mowing the lawn, vacuuming, running, etc). I just like to let my mind wander through topics great and small (what to eat for lunch vs. how to raise a child) while my body goes through the motions. My new favorite is hanging clothes on the clothesline; maybe the novelty of doing laundry in my own home just hasn’t worn off. Luckily for me Cooper doesn’t mind helping . . . by making dirty laundry.

Chilling while mom hangs up onesies and diaper covers.

2 thoughts on “Mindless Activities

  1. Look at that happy boy!

    I too have had MANY mental departures and creative ideas when doing routine tasks.

  2. We really like to do mindless stuff too. Just let the brain wander. I hope you guys like it there and Noel is enjoying his job. Maybe Mini Cooper won’t be so mini.

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