My little sister (okay, she’s no longer little, but still younger) got hitched this past week.

We all flew back to Utah for the occasion. Cooper was the perfect baby on the plane. Slept during take-off and smiled every time the plane descended during landing. The Scentsy saleslady sitting next to me (A big Scentsy convention had just ended in Denver; needless to say our plane smelled good and I now have a catalog if anyone wants to order something) thinks Cooper’s going to be a roller coaster jockey. Cooper and I were there for a week so I could be helpful with wedding preparations and Cooper could be loved and adored. Noel crashed the party the night before the “Big Day” because he had to be responsible and go to work.

To pull off the wedding dinner and the reception we cooked 28 lbs of chicken, baked ~500 Norwegian cookies, framed a million photos, made 6 boutonnieres, erected scaffolding, washed 60 eclectic plates, folded 60 napkins into lotus flowers, salvaged dying plants from Lowe’s, assembled 80 paper lanterns, purchased all the rice at a local Chinese restaurant, and moved tables that weighed 1/2 ton each among other things.

It was nice to spend time with family, have a few short visits with friends, dance like sleep deprived goons after the reception was over, and be there for such a special occasion –  even if it wore us out. Oh, and welcome to the family Joe!

PS: Hope + Joe = Jope

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