2 Hour Vacation

2 Hour Vacation

So lest you all think that I am dead and/or really boring with nothing to say, I am here to post pictures of the baby. Our little family had the pleasure of going on a two-hour vacation to Golden this last Saturday. (Probably our first of many.) After hitting up the library and purchasing over-priced produce at the local farmer’s market, we made our way up to Lookout Mountain, which is incidentally the final resting place of William Frederick “Buffalo Bill” Cody. We got to try out the hiking backpack and Cooper really seemed to enjoy the vantage point for a while anyway. He also enjoyed kicking me in the kidneys. All of us enjoyed getting out for a change and enjoying the weather up at 7500 ft. (Audrey was there as well in spite of her lack of appearance in the photographs. She was the one behind the camera for the pictures you see here. I will work on taking the camera from her in the future since we all know she is more photogenic than me.)

2 thoughts on “2 Hour Vacation

  1. Oh I just melt when I look at these photos!!! What a sweetie! I miss you all. Hope you enjoy your new surroundings.

    I love you.

  2. Your baby looks so big and healthy. What a fun little hike. Buffalo Bill, huh, what did he do again? Your house looks nice and homey too. Are you use to all that space yet?

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