Nudity is the Secret

Nudity is the Secret

I admit it, I’m a competitive person. I like being good at things, preferably the best. Sometimes I wish this wasn’t true, but it is. Unfortunately for Cooper I’ve noticed I’m kind of competitive with him. If other babies his age are doing Algebra you better believe I’m going to have him working on string theory.

Lately I’ve been trying really hard to convince Cooper that he needs to roll over. Noel kept reminding me that all kids are different and that he’d roll over when he felt like it, but that didn’t stop me from helping Cooper practice this skill. Yet despite all the exercises and endless encouragement, the kid just wouldn’t roll over.

Today I was letting Cooper air out from some particularly hideous diaper marks and left the room to grab some laundry. When I came back he was on his stomach (Sorry no pics, I don’t put pictures of my child like that on the internet:)). Supposedly babies feel freer to move the less they wear, so maybe that did the trick. The truth is though, I think he’s just stubborn or maybe overly independent and doesn’t like being told what to do. I’m afraid he may have gotten that from me.

5 thoughts on “Nudity is the Secret

  1. Yeah… I get a little competitive with Adam too. But you’ve got us beat on this one- Adam can roll to his back like a pro, but he’s just too content there. You should pass along some of your encouragement secrets. I’m not sure I trust Adam to be naked for even a second. He pees or poops on me literally twice a day as it is. Darn kids.

  2. Hey Audrey! This is Marissa Merket (we had a few classes together at USU). I got hired for a Language Arts position in Blanding, Ut. I know there was a Merket here before who worked for San Juan School District, but I don’t know if your husband was among the family who lived here. I was told it was your father in law. We also ran into a Chuck at the Old Timer who knew a Joyce… Anyways I found your blog and that I would drop in and say hello. Congrats on your son he is ADORABLE! I hope to start a family soon.

  3. Sounds like your child is doing great, and I would agree with Noel. Everybaby has their own time schedule. We read in a book that babies should start eating solids around 5 months. That is today, and LE just vomitted everything up. I think she even lost weight today. But she did do some multiplication before she lost her breakfast.

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