A Plumber’s Blessing

A Plumber’s Blessing

Our toilet had a small leak, so our landlords kindly called a plumber to come fix it. When the plumbers arrived one of the men said, “We’re going to take your toilet out, so do you have anywhere you can go, or are you okay?” I’m still not sure what he meant by the word “go,” but decided I didn’t have any errands to run and also didn’t need to go to the bathroom, so I simply replied, “I’m fine.” While the first guy got to work, the second one asked me questions about Cooper (name, significance of name, age, etc). Every time I answered a question or Cooper smiled, the man would bow his head slightly and say, “God bless him!” Sometimes he would say it more than once. Luckily the plumbers were very efficient and the awkwardness was over within a half hour. The nice thing about renting is that we didn’t have to pay the bill, for either the toilet or any blessings plumbers might be able to bestow.

3 thoughts on “A Plumber’s Blessing

  1. funny. Yeah, that’s the ONLY thing I like about my place is for that reason- I don’t have to pay for repairs!

  2. I always enjoy your writing and this one is one of my favorites. I think I would have been rolling on the ground if my plumber did that to my child. So funny!

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