My parents and my two brothers sacrificed their Fall Break to come and visit. We loved having them (especially Cooper, who never had to complain for lack of attention). Their visit started with a giant birthday bash for my now 17-year-old brother, Spencer. We were unable to find him a suitable girlfriend online, maybe next year. We took everyone on the famous brewery tour. We were part of the 5% of people that listened to all of the audio guide’s stories instead of racing to the end to get the allotted three free beers.

I don’t think the bartender had ever seen people so excited about free root beer and pink lemonade. We had fun hiking around Rocky Mountain National Park, Staring at the baby,taking advantage of my mom’s amazing photo skills (Here’s a sneak peak of our first ever Christmas card, I know you can’t hardly sleep at night you’re so excited for it.),

and just enjoying the good company. If you want to be the next person to have this much fun, let us know šŸ™‚

Here’s more pictures if you’re interested (which probably means you’re my grandparents :)). All the good ones are taken by my mom.

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