Cutest Baby Ever?

Cutest Baby Ever?

Yesterday we were at a children’s clothing store where the clerks were gushing over Cooper and how cute he is. (I find it necessary to note that they don’t get paid on commission.) One of the girls even said, “I see a lot of babies, so when I tell you that you have a cute baby, I mean it.” I felt myself puffing up with pride, while Cooper flirtatiously flashed big grins.  When they told me I should enter Cooper in their company’s cutest baby contest to try and win a year’s worth of clothes I thought, “Well of course, he’s a shoe-in.”

When I looked at the contest rules online, I discovered that over 1200 people had already entered the category of baby boy (newborn to 24 months). The cuteness level of the contestants ranged from kind of funny looking to quite adorable. My dreams of a year supply of clothing began to wane and I couldn’t help but ask myself, “Am I just as biased as some of these other people?”

Then I watched this news story. I realize that it’s impossible for me to be objective about my baby’s cuteness level and that other people’s validations aren’t always trustworthy. I’m also aware that you probably think your child is better looking than mine.

Still, I think my son is pretty dang adorable and I don’t need free clothes to prove it. We don’t want his handsomeness to go to his head anyway. Besides, he has a wonderful personality, and I know that I’m being completely objective about that.

3 thoughts on “Cutest Baby Ever?

  1. He is a very cute boy–and I would know what counts as a cute boy, since I look at my own all day long 🙂 And you are good at getting Cooper’s smile on camera; my boys are not always photogenic.

  2. It’s his whole “being” that makes him so wonderful. His good nature, brightness, all of it, all bundled up into one special little guy who is very loved. How thankful I am for the blessings he has in his life and the blessing he is to so many!

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