“You’re So Embarrassing!”

“You’re So Embarrassing!”

Growing up, my siblings and I were always finding ways to be embarrassed of our parents. Some of our reasons might have been valid, but most of them were pretty ridiculous. During their middle school years my brothers were particularly funny. They were at the age when coat wearing was the ultimate sign of wimpiness, no matter how low the temperature dipped. Despite my mom’s valiant efforts, my brothers were often dropped off at school in t-shirts in the dead of winter. While their attempts at coolness were laughable, their reactions to my mother dropping them off at school were even more hilarious. The oldest of my two brothers would slouch down in the front seat and ask to be dropped off far away from the school’s front doors to minimize the number of people that might see that my mother, who never even left the car, was wearing – GASP – a coat! At 7:30am! In January! How embarrassing!

My mom dancing to try and embarrass my brother

As I dropped Noel off at work this morning (we slept in and he missed the bus) in my pajamas with frizzy bed hair, I couldn’t help thinking how it will only be a couple more years before I’m the embarrassing one. For now, I’ll enjoy Cooper’s non-judgmental jabbering in the backseat and brace myself for not taking it personally when he develops irrational opinions. Hopefully that phase won’t last too long.

P.S. Speaking of dropping people off while wearing pajamas, check out this article about a UK school that banned parent pajama wearing. Or for the top 10 ways to embarrass your child read this.

One thought on ““You’re So Embarrassing!”

  1. Hahaha, so funny but true!

    I remember days of not wearing a jacket because I “wasn’t cold.” You might need to get an ugly robe or slippers or something if you truly want to be embarrassing as the dropper-offer.

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