When I Grow Up

When I Grow Up

Even though I went through 5 1/2 years of school to get a degree and a teaching license, I often find myself considering different career paths. Here are my current favorites:

1. Event Planner – I actually had a couple of summer jobs where I did this. I’m a planner and I like schedules. There’s just something exciting about orchestrating the lives of hundreds of people, even if only for a few days or hours. I loved the adrenaline rush that came during the duration of an event. Most of all, I liked feeling important.

2. Fashion Designer – I often find clothes shopping to be an awful experience. Things never fit either my size or personality quite right. I’m not a particularly trendy person, but I do enjoy the challenge of putting together outfits. I’ll even whip out the sewing machine sometimes when I’m struck by some sort of genius (this came in very handy during pregnancy when I wasn’t willing to fork out money for cute clothes that actually fit me). While I like creating, I don’t know that I would say that I love sewing. I know how to. I have decent skills. Sometimes I just lack the patience to make a truly high-quality  product. I figure if I became famous enough I can hire some to bring my ideas to fruition.

3. Bakery/Cafe owner – I like cooking and baking, but it’s hard for 2 people to eat more than a cake a week. (Okay, Noel could do it in a day, but I don’t let him.) Every time I watch the movie Stranger Than Fiction I feel a need to make the world a better place with cookies. There’s just something comforting about good food. This weekend is our church’s chili cook-off/spooky dessert contest. We checked out a stack of cookbooks from the library for inspiration. Noel’s making chili; I’m making dessert. We have high hopes for our entries.

4. Bed and Breakfast owner – This would kind of be a combo of #1 and #3. Noel and I already talk about what sort of breakfasts we’re going to make and what kind of a set up the B&B will have. Maybe when he retires.

5. Aerobics Instructor – I don’t know that this would be a career, but maybe a side job (maybe something I could even do as a mom to keep my sanity). I LOVED teaching aerobics during my student teaching. I just don’t want to pay to get certified 🙁

The funny thing about all of these ideas is that all except #1 and #5 appeared on my junior high Student Education/Occupation Plan. I chose English teacher because it seemed like the most realistic possibility. Maybe I won’t always have to be so sensible.

5 thoughts on “When I Grow Up

  1. We would love to be the first to stay in your Bed and breakfast. And try some of your amazing cooking, especial if it includes your bread-sticks!!! (which at our ward cook-off, someone had made your bread-sticks). Start the morning off right with some good Aerobics.

  2. maybe I will hire you to sew me some clothes…I need to go clothes shopping so bad! I love the onion pic too, that is hilarious!

  3. Career #2 reminds me of the blog newdressaday.com, because she remakes clothes and you kind of look like her too. You should completely be the next Marissa Lynch!

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