Cooper and the Magic Bus

Cooper and the Magic Bus

Cooper seems to find it soothing when I sing. I know, by all accounts it doesn’t make sense. While he likes most songs, “The Wheels on the Bus” seems to be his all time favorite. (I came up with the most amazing lyrics to “Hush, Little Baby” the other day at 3am by the way. Such a shame I didn’t write them down.) When he gets really upset (which is usually when we’re driving in the car and he’s hungry) he quiets down almost immediately when I start to sing that song. I’ve tried other songs, but they don’t have the same effect.

He’s a funny kid. He’s sitting up really well as of yesterday. It’s crazy to me how quickly little kids learn. One day it seems nearly impossible for them to do something and the next day they’re doing it like a pro. I wish I learned that fast.

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