The flambouyant matador’s most unusual chili

The flambouyant matador’s most unusual chili

Happy Halloween! We went to our church’s Halloween dinner/chili cookoff/spooky dessert contest/game night/trunk-or-treat/costume parade last night. Naturally we had to put in our efforts in the food categories. Although Audrey’s double layer pumpkin cheesecake didn’t win any official prizes (Audrey wants it clearly noted that there were no awards based on taste for the desserts), it was the only dessert that was completely gone at the end of the night. I went out on a limb with the chili and made butternut squash and black bean chili. When it was voted the “most unusual” chili I wasn’t sure whether to take that as a compliment or not.

Okay so what you really wanted to see is Cooper’s costume. He was Curious George.

The Curious Little Monkey himself

I was The Man in the Yellow Hat. However, as someone kindly mentioned to me later, it was difficult to discern my costume when I wasn’t carrying Cooper around and he originally thought I was a “flambouyant matador.”

My costume makes so much more sense in context of Cooper's

Audrey was a very attractive tree, as monkeys are known to enjoy spending their time in trees.

This monkey loves sitting in his favorite tree

After exhausting our gourmet talents on an under appreciative  crowd, we fell back on some delicious Cooper traditions and had pigs in blankets and blue cheese garlic dip this evening. Sadly, we only had two trick-or-treaters and we nearly scared them with our enthusiasm. Maybe next year.

10 thoughts on “The flambouyant matador’s most unusual chili

  1. Audrey, when I saw your post about making a yellow shirt, I wondered if that’s what Noel was going to be. Caleb was a monkey too (did you get yours at Old Navy? It looks like ours). I tried to get Brady to be the man with the yellow hat, but we didn’t plan in advance, and didn’t happen to have a yellow hat lying around. The first year Caleb was born, I was a tree, Caleb was an acorn and Brady was “tree-hugger” Our ward didn’t have the same festivities (or any, for that matter) so we just did a little trick or treating around to our neighbors.

    1. I think my parents picked up the monkey outfit at a Fred Myers in Idaho last year after we told the family I was pregnant. There was a sombrero in our garage when we moved in and we just covered it in yellow felt to make the hat 🙂 The acorn, tree, and tree hugger trio sounds fun.

  2. I am Valerie Loveless Illguth’s mother and I saw the cute title of your blog yesterday about all the leaves. Your writing is so descriptive. I guess the dad is writing. My husband writes all our blogs also. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Rhonda,
      Thanks for your kind comment. Although I did write this post, I can’t take credit for the vast majority of the creative content on the blog. That credit goes to Audrey. Glad you like it, though.

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