Snow Day and Sleeping

Snow Day and Sleeping

Cooper's first snow angel.

Growing up in Northern Utah, snow wasn’t that big of a deal. I only remember school being canceled once and it had more to do with the structural integrity of our school than the hazards of travel. Our school had hard plastic awnings that were cracking in the winter conditions and the school board decided it was better to fix them and miss a few days of school than have a lawsuit on their hands when a broken awning injured someone’s child. Snow or ghetto buildings aside, I was an ecstatic first grader. That is my only recollection of a true snow day. Otherwise, no matter how much snow there was everything was business as usual.

Noel instructing Cooper in the ways of the Super Nerds.

Today, Noel’s work had a delayed start because of all the snow we’ve accumulated. They also will periodically have full out snow days when the weather gets bad. We haven’t had one yet, but we think this is the most fantastic thing in the world. It was nice to have Noel around for a few extra hours this morning.

Cooper and Mcgrath the moose all ready for bed.

Thanks to everyone for their sleep advice. I went  to the library and checked out all the decent sleep books that were on the shelf. (Some of your wonderful suggestions were of course being utilized and I needed something ASAP.) I’ve read parts of  Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child as a sort of informational resource and then have been putting some techniques from  The Sleep Lady’s Good Night, Sleep Tight: Gentle Proven Solutions to Help Your Child Sleep Well and Wake Up Happy into practice.  The title is long and I was sure that anyone that called themselves the “Sleep Lady” was probably a little nuts; however, I’ve really enjoyed it. I would say that the method falls somewhere in-between crying it out and doing everything you can possibly think of to soothe your baby (which is pretty much what I was doing before). It’s a good fit with my parenting style. While we did have one really awful night where Cooper fussed for almost two and a half hours straight, he has gone four nights without eating till at least 5am and three of those nights he slept for at least 8 hours straight. I should also mention that we decided to increase our night temperature after Noel and I almost froze to death during the two and a half hour vigil. Since it was in the middle of our four day trial we’re pretty sure that the cold wasn’t the only factor in Cooper’s inability to sleep, but we definitely think it was a factor. Getting more sleep has been wonderful and I kind of wish I’d tried something like this months ago. I just wanted to make sure I was listening to my baby’s needs, but I think in the process I may have overlooked some of mine. Anyway, that was kind of a long report, but thanks for all your empathy and encouragement. Hopefully things keep going this well because I think it might help me finally shake this retched cold I’ve had for several weeks.

6 thoughts on “Snow Day and Sleeping

  1. Snow days in the North East were quite frequent…well more delayed openings then anything but I swear it seemed like if a few flakes started flying then there be a delay. Then there was hope for the chance that once at school they would cancel the rest of the day! Glad to see Cooper is thriving though! I love reading your blog and seeing the occasional picture!

  2. I would of thought that Denver would not be so wimpy has to have so many Snow days. But it is nice to have the hubby around in the morning helps you get something done.

    1. Colorado in general is the same as Utah as far as snow days (businesses and schools were open today). I think it’s just Noel’s work that is a little more understanding of the weather. The director probably just understands that a lot of the husbands need to shovel their driveways 🙂

  3. So, yeah, I really need to work on helping Madi sleep better too…I think I am starting to get desperate! Maybe I’ll have to look into some of those books…

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