Good Taste

Good Taste

When we lived in Logan we lived down the street from a delicious Indian restaurant that was based out of a corner gas station. The food was so good that it’s location didn’t hinder business and was instead considered “quaint.” There were few occasions where a classic Chicken Tikka Masala or a surprisingly delicious Saag Paneer was not the correct answer. We even took Danielle, my sister-in-law, there after she ran her first marathon.

There is one Indian restaurant in our town and we tried it out for Noel’s birthday. When we arrived there wasn’t a single soul there other than the staff and even when people did start to arrive a little later, they all had the same 80% off restaurant certificate that we did. Perhaps if we hadn’t been so spoiled by good Indian food over the years we would have found it more palatable, but we have been spoiled and were thus disappointed. There were only two options: only eat Indian food when visiting Logan or cook Indian food ourselves.

Sunday we whipped up a batch of Chicken Tikka Masala (sauce doubled and spices tweaked), a pot of basmati rice, and some garlic Naan bread. Noel and I of course thought the whole thing was exquisitely delicious. I had prepared an alternate meal for Cooper since I wasn’t sure how he would react to the spices. Tikka Masala isn’t the spiciest dish we’ve made, but it does have jalapenos and we know several full-grown adults whose taste buds couldn’t handle the heat. Still, I thought I would give the kid a taste, a small one. I waited tensely as Cooper thoughtfully chewed and then had a good laugh when he opened his mouth wide begging for more. He wolfed down a small bowl and ate a good chunk of Naan. Definitely no mix-up at the hospital, the kid is ours.

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  1. Ha ha–don’t they surprise you? Caleb did that once when he was about a year old, too. I made black beans and rice and it had enough spices in it that my eyes were watering, but he asked for some and, like Cooper, begged for more! You guys are good cooks, I remember when you made us Cafe Rio salads and they tasted just like the real thing. I bet your Indian food was great, too.

  2. Tandori Oven is awesome! Kenyon acquired a taste for Indian food whilst in England where there are apparently a lot of Indian people. We went to Tandori Oven for the first time like a year and a half ago and we think its awesome! Minus smelling like the restaurant after we leave but other than that we’re big fans! I’m sorry you were disappointed in the place there!

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