Cardio-Bot Convert

Cardio-Bot Convert

Running is one of the biggest tags on this blog, so I know I don’t need to tell you I love it. For me, running has always just been part of life – something as necessary and natural as breathing. There are so many people I’ve met because of running, so many stories both life changing and minute that I could tell. (Any ideas on how I can convince Runner’s World that they need me?) Even my meeting and dating Noel involves running. Today I’m going to try and stick to one subject though: running and technology.

I’m a purist when it comes to running. My ideal run is on a dirt trail that climbs and falls through foliage and all I’m dragging with me is a compression tank, a pair of tempo shorts, ankle socks, and my beloved Brooks – no watch, no ipod, no GPS, no fuel belt.  I feel like all the extra training gizmos mess with what’s so natural about running. I leave my ipod at home, not because I’m convinced that they can be dangerously distracting or because I’m sure they are the leading cause of terrible form, but because I run to be with myself. Likewise, I’ve never been a big fan of treadmills. I mean, what was the point of running if you aren’t going anywhere? Running on a treadmill often feels more like torture than the soul searching relief I know it to be. However, over the years of living in cold climates and spending the best part of winter days in class or at work, treadmills have managed to weasel a little bit of love into our hateful  relationship.

I’ve been coveting treadmills for awhile now. I’m not about to go running on icy days with the jogger and even days when the roads are dry getting out the door can be kind of difficult. I mean, try coordinating a baby’s nap with the weather – what could be more unpredictable? After watching craigslist like a hawk for two weeks (purchasing exercise equipment in January is kind of competitive) I’ve got a treadmill of my very own. Although I feel more like a cardio-bot than ever as I listen to an ipod nano in one ear and the ipod touch (our makeshift baby monitor thanks to skype) with the other, I can’t tell you how good it feels. Sure I get distracted by all the flashing numbers and hate that the scenery never changes, but I think this might keep me sane until spring.

And a poem I wrote, just to make this post that much longer.


Quickly press the up arrow, anticipating the adrenaline high
Set the speed, and secretly compare to the monitor on the next machine
Separated by inches, no one speaks
A row of people running nowhere, seeing nothing
staring into space, listening only to the private serenade of ear buds
Sweating together, breathing together, working together, yet
not together.
Only the cadences of feet and exhalations converse to
establish a silent camaraderie

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