Most of our recent posts have been musings that offer up little information on what we’re doing and little to no pictures. I know it’s killing you. Well, your patience will be rewarded right now. Cooper is not yet crawling, but he’s working on it. It’s kind of fun, but ends in face plants and loud cries more often than we would like.

Cooper bracing himself for our snowshoeing expedition.

Two weekends ago we rented some snowshoes from the local university and went on a short snowshoeing expedition to see a glacier. It was really windy which none of us were huge fans of, but luckily nobody cried (not even me). We think we made it to the glacier, but it’s kind of hard to tell what’s a glacier and what isn’t when everything is covered in snow. We took some video footage as well, but will spare you from having to watch it (especially the 53 minutes of the inside of Noel’s coat pocket).

Cooper trying on Noel's shoes.

We’ve also survived a brief snowstorm, switched to morning church (hallelujah!), discovered the most delicious organic pizzeria which is conveniently in close proximity to the Denver LDS temple (Perhaps there will be a post forthcoming on how we are becoming more and more crunchy),  and done a multitude of important, yet mundane things. Life in Denver is good.

5 thoughts on “Lately

  1. Did Copper like snowshoeing? We wanted to take Le but we were not sure how she would handle the cold; if she is like me not well at all. I am glad you are doing well and enjoying the great Denver- we will know by the end of the week if we will be joining you.

  2. I enjoyed your last several posts. I am happy for you that Noel got some snow days 🙂 If we ever manage to come and visit, maybe we’ll have to check out the organic pizza place. I’m a little jealous of your treadmill because I’ve been wanting to exercise but have felt out of options, but I did just buy two Jazzercise DVD’s so we’ll see how that goes.

  3. CUTE pictures! I do have to say, that I’m still jealous that you live in the Denver area. we were SO CLOSE to moving there! sigh. Maybe in the future though. In a way I’m glad we didn’t move there right away, because the cold would kill us.

  4. I love the crawling pictures! Pretty soon he’ll be able to fulfill all of his wildest dreams, like jail-breaking to the bathroom when you put him down for a second (all the fun, forbidden things are in the bathroom…)

    I would love to hear about your ‘crunchy’ adventures! I want to learn more about the little things people do everyday to make a difference. I like to think that’s another great reason to shop at the DI 🙂

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